Advisory & Other Services

  • Project Appraisal
  • Proposals For CDR
  • Techno Economic Viability Study
  • Lenders Independent Engineering
  • Mergers And Acquisitions

Certification Work

  • Issuing Certificates under the Income Tax Act i.e., U/s 80IA/80IB/10 A/ 10B & other Certificates
  • Other Certificates For LIC/Passport/Credit Card/Etc.
  • Other Attestation (True Copy)
  • Net worth Certificate for person going abroad

Company Law & LLP Matters

  • Filing Application for Name Approval
  • Incorporation of a Private Limited Company/LLP
  • Incorporation of a Public Limited Company
  • (i) Company’s/LLP ROC Work, Preparation of Minutes, Statutory Register and Other Secretarial Work
    (ii) Certification (Per Certificate)
  • Filing Annual Return Etc.
  • Filing Other Forms Like : F-32, 18, 2 etc.
  • Increase in Authorised Capital Filing of F-5, F-23, preparation of Revised Memorandum of Association/ Article of Association/LLP Agreement
  • DPIN/DIN per Application
  • Company Law Consultancy including Petition drafting
  • Company Law representation including LLP before RD and CLB
  • ROC Representation.

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