Advising On Drafting Of Deeds / Agreements

  • i) Partnership Deed
    ii) Partnership Deed (With consultation & Tax Advisory)
  • Filing of Forms with Registrar of Firms
  • Supplementary / Modification in Partnership Deed
  • Advisory Services
    • Advising on various provisions of Direct Taxes
    • Advising on business restructurings and implications
    • Advising on compensation structuring

Income Tax

Filing of Return of Income

  • I) For Individuals/ HUFs etc.
    II) Others
    • Partnership Firms/Sole Proprietor with Advisory Services
    • Minor's I.T. Statement
    • Private Ltd. Company :
      i) Active
      ii) Defunct
    • Public Ltd. Company :
      i) Active
      ii) Defunct
  • Filing of Forms Etc.
    • Filing of TDS/TCS Return
    • Filing of Form No. 15-H/G ( per Set)
    • Any other Forms filed under the Income Tax Act
  • Certification under various sections of Income Tax Act
  • Filing of Appeals Etc.
    • First Appeal Preparation of Statement of Facts, Grounds of Appeal, Etc.
    • Second Appeal (Tribunal)
  • Assessments Etc.
    • Attending Scrutiny Assessment/ Appeal
  • Corporate
  • Non Corporate
    • Attending before Authorities
    • Attending for Rectifications/ Refunds/Appeal effects Etc.
    • Income Tax Survey
    • T.D.S. Survey
    • Income Tax Search and Seizure
    • Any other Consultancy

Charitable Trust

  • (i) Registration Under Local Act
    (ii) Societies Registration Act
  • Registration Under Income Tax Act
  • Exemption Certificate U/s 80G of Income Tax Act
  • Filing Objection Memo/other Replies
  • Filing of Change Report
  • Filing of Annual Budget
  • Attending before Charity Commissioner including for Attending Objections

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